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Monocle Magazine

Monocle Icon Set and editorial design

This project brief included creating a set of icons for the Top 10 hiking destinations for the Monocle Magazine, using a similar style to create spot illustrations for various layouts and designing a cover for the Monocle magazine in which the hiking article would be featured.

The icons were developed further in Adobe Illustrator, using a grid. Each icon represents a another one of the top 10 hiking locations. The icons were utilised in repeat patterns, playing with scale and sizing for the cover of the magazine. The colours used in this process were inspired by the shades frequently used in the Monocle magazine. 

This project tested ability to create icons digitally, layout design, cover design, working in the style of the client (colours, typography, layouts) editorials, illustration for magazine. I really enjoy working on projects where there is already established brand-guidelines - it makes the box you're working in a little smaller, but it helps to be creative within pre-established rules that already form who and what the brand is, and there is something to be said of the process within these neatly defined constraints too! As for all of the hiking spots, they are pretty much ALL  still on my bucket-list!

*this was a school project at the North West University in South Africa

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