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Northgate Cross Country

- Iconography
- Branding
- Logo design
- Digital toolkit
- Brand Style Guide (PDF)
- Facebook and Instagram Ads
- Printed banner design
- Printed + digital flyers
- Assets for Instagram and Facebook

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Northgate High School Cross Country

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Northgate High School has an extensive Summer Running program from June until early August to get runners ready for the upcoming cross country season and of course, to have fun and explore the local hills! The program is open to any middle and high schoolers in the area. This fun running program usually ends each day with a slice of watermelon or some other refreshing fun fruit, and it's right there where the branding inspiration for this program came from.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo and other elements for social media, including a whole set of icons and then used Adobe Indesign to put together a set of Brand Guidelines for having clear guidelines of what the colors are, the fonts, the potential icons available and created. This is mostly to help promote the team and summer running on Instagram and Facebook, and also to create any on brand assets quickly during the season. I also created a banner that is currently up outside the high school and middle school with a dynamic QR code for ease of documenting the data of where the runners are coming from and joining.

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