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Okay Then

- Brand Identity Creation
- Main logo and subdivision speciality logos with slight changes
- Indesign

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Fit Associates

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Okay Then is a participatory production company, weaving the work of thriving together.
Platforms to connect leading voices, useful practices, and edge-of-practice projects with a community of leaders, groups, and organizations
This logo needed to be both professional and deal with the serious, as well as whimsical. See the gif with the process of how the logo started and where we ended up! "OK" is formed by an O and a K but it also creates a little chick, inspired by the chicken co-op and little freshly hatched chicks taken care of by one of the main writers and contributors of the "Okay Then" books and works, Hanna Du Plessis. "Don’t be tacky, don’t be wacky, hold both darkness and light" was one of the guiding principles in this project. It was a rewarding project and I look forward to seeing where both this logo little chick and the incredible organization will go!

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