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Olivia Coetzee

- Branding Project
- Printed Business Card design
- Repeat Pattern design

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Olivia Coetzee

Click on the project images below to see them full size!

O. C. are my initials - Olivia Coetzee (me!). In Afrikaans the “O” sounds very similar to the Afrikaans word "oë" meaning “eyes.” And in English, “C” is pronounced the same way as "see" meaning to look. Graphic design and illustration involves both a lot of looking, paying close attention to detail, making something new. Once something new has been created and made, the visual product can be seen and do a job out in the real world for all to see. Have a look around at the images to see variations on my new personal logo, one a little more clearly an O and a C and the other a bit more subtle.

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