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Run Roam Reset

- Magazine Conception
- Layout design
- Editorial design
- Hand drawn Illustration
- Typography
- Logo Design
- Social Media Assets

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Run Roam Reset

Click on the project images below to see them full size!

Run Roam Reset is designed and created to be a print magazine about running, exploring and resetting (eating!) in the Bay Area. An Instagram was also created as an extension of the project. I used Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, personal photography and illustration using Procreate. Although focused on trail running, it is relevant for hiking, mountain biking, nature lovers to general exploring and eating at fun places. This is a personal project to show a wide range of skills: Branding, logo creation, illustration as well as asset creation for Instagram posts, stories, reels, ads for Facebook and other social media platforms and of course, real life running adventures in the Bay Area :)

The magazine pages are meant to show layout and editorial skills, the ads and copy from the pages are not my own* and but used to give the project a more realistic real life feel. I worked on this project with a School of Visual Arts Continuing Education class with Rob Best.

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