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The Traditions We Inherit

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The purpose of these works is to tell the stories of what remarkable South African women did to contribute to South African heritage. Lillian Ngoyi, Miriam Makeba, Krotoa Eva and Sara Raal made history in different ways, contributing to the democratic, human rights focused country South Africa strives to be today (since 1994). Regardless of race or skin colour, if you consider yourself a South African, it is important to know these names, what they fought for, gave up and what they represent. People are shaped by history and tradition without realising it. Heidegger refers to this as "Dasein," a concept that refers to "an individual's being in the world, trapped by the ordinariness of life into interpreting itself into the world it knows and the tradition it inherits." Therefore, to truly understand the world we are living in, and the traditions we are recreating (or changing) we have to be more aware of our histories.

This project was presented at a solo exhibition on 6 August 2015 and won an award from the North West University for "Best Female Visual/Performing artist at the North West University for 2015"

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