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Northgate Cross Country Summer Running

Branding, Brand Guidelines and Social Media

I've have been a part of the Northgate High School Cross Country as a coach and as a graphic designer! Everyday after the Summer workouts, there is watermelon. So, naturally, the branding all started with a little running watermelon icon. The designs and what we can now call brand, has slowly developed into the logo and the main inspiration behind the brand for Summer Running, now featuring a running cutie, and cherry too! There has even been a bucket hat and a running mango over the years.

I have also developed a whole set of brand guidelines with the goal of making it easier for a cross country team to reference a consistent design style, have a library of assets and some ideas about how to play and have fun with icons and images on the Northgate Instagram Page.

*photo taken by me on Diablo in April 2023

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