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Olive Cake Desserts + Deli

Branding, strategy and email campaign

Olive Cake Desserts + Deli is a fictional place (with very real graphic design and personal branding!) that creates the desserts of your dreams and sells the tools and ingredients for you to go make some of your own too!

The custom illustration blue and white palette is inspired by Delft, Spode, Willow-pattern blue and white porcelain plates and dishes that I grew up with, as well as by a local Deli and a favourite lunch restaurant called FoodStudio in my hometown, Potchefstroom, South Africa. I have also added a drawing I did on location at this establishment, where the walls are lined with the blue and white plates I saw and used while growing up.

The patterns were created by drawing the various elements using Procreate on an iPad Pro and creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator. The branding has a very deliberate handmade touch, to emphasise the care and meticulousness going into each baked and created morsel, yet, still has an individuality and handmade touch to it.

For the branded element, the physical pieces have the more official Olive Cake logo with both the O and the C for this example the email uses the secondary handwritten "Olive" logo to add to a handwritten element to the more digital application.

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