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Run Roam Reset

Branding and Social Media Campaign

Run Roam Reset is a custom designed Instagram page designed to be all about and for trail running - from training, to exploring and finally, resetting, to get ready to go and do it all again! I am an avid trail runner (and sometimes road too), and with almost 3 years assistant-coaching experience for high school cross-country I have become truly hooked on not just running for my own fun, (and the views) but also sharing as much of what I learn as well as enjoy with others. And then of course, the food eaten right after the run, the reset and recover part!


This is a personal project to show an Instagram page I recently started, initially just as a design and finally it became a live project (check it out!). With this project I get to show a wide range of skills: Branding, logo creation, illustration as well as asset creation for Instagram posts, stories, reels, ads for Facebook and other social media platforms. 


*All of the photographs used were taken by me or from Brazen Racing (taken by volunteers to be downloaded). 

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